What Makes a Swimming Pool “Modern?”

Lighting, sleek lines and proper materials are essential.
Lighting, sleek lines and proper materials are essential.

Americans have enjoyed backyard swimming pools for decades. However, pools were once simple and impersonal basins that did little to boost aesthetics or curb appeal. Today’s modern pool designs allow you to create the sleek, contemporary look you want for your pool and your outdoor living space.

Sleek Lines

Modern and contemporary styles are defined by their sleek, simplistic lines. Today’s contemporary pools often incorporate square or rectangular basins that drop straight down to the bottom of the pool, creating the illusion of a perfectly geometrical space, even if the pool includes a sloped floor. The edges of these pools are often sharp rather than rounded, with little or no coping to outline the pool’s edges.

Wood and Stone

One of the most popular trends seen in modern pool design is the use of wood and stone elements in their construction. Pool decks are often made of polished concrete or wood, turning this outdoor feature into a beautiful addition that seems to flow directly from your indoor living space. Stone tiles and smooth, polished boulders are also popular design elements that add a touch of natural beauty to any modern pool design.

Proper Lighting

Pool lighting plays a significant role in the final look and feel of this outdoor feature. Modern pools often include extensive lighting systems to highlight the basin’s clean lines after dark for both safety and aesthetics. LED lighting can supply bright illumination without the need for obtrusive lighting fixtures; waterfalls and other water features are often backlit as well to ensure they stand out against the background lighting for added beauty at night.

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