Ventana Area – Pool Renovation – Add Spa – Soften Yard!

Featured in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine

A 1970’s-era angular pool at a 5′ elevation drop from the main patio was hidden by a hedgerow atop a retaining wall. A spa with 5 custom height seats and a lay-down bench was added 18″ lower in a widened area of the wall. A massive waterfall with a stream and step stones connects them. Cool deck was replaced by flagstone, making far more patio space.

The Backstory

  • Improve view of Pool
  • Integrate yards
  • Add very customized spa
  • Naturalize the look of the enlarged yards
  • Entertainment Friendly

This project’s goal was to add a spa while making the pool area more visible and accessible from the home and main porch/patio area.  The view had previously been blocked by a hedge atop a 5 foot retaining wall.  Access to the lower level was only through the steps leading down from the patio area.  It was like two separate yards.  You couldn’t see the pool area from the home or most of the patio.

The retaining wall was lowered and partially removed to fit under the new spa, providing part of the spa’s structural support along with concrete piers providing the rest.

The 1970’s angular pool was changed into a curvilinear shape for a softer, more natural look and feel.  Water cascades down massive rockwork and across natural looking stonework and streams, a catch pool, then into the main pool. Access across the stream is under elevated flagstone pads.

The spa’s level was set 30”” below the upper patio to break up the elevation change yet still allow exterior spa-side seating facing the pool  Numerous pocket planters were built into the rockwork to allow plants to soften the feel and naturalize the look.

The spa has five different seating levels with ‘bucket seats’ to fit each family member’s specific needs based upon their size and personal ‘hot spots’ .  A lay-down bench with ten variable flow jets completely customizes the installation for this family and friends.

The cooldeck was removed and flagstone introduced as the decking material.  Much more seating area was created in the deck and seat wall for this entertainment and gardening center.

Dual-zone Low Voltage lighting as well as additional drip irrigation areas for the beds of annuals complete this redesign and fits the clients needs, Naturally.