Secrets to Incorporating Water Features into Your Pool’s Design

1140x600-sliderWhen the Tucson sun is at its peak, nothing can help you and your family beat the heat quite like a natural pool. A contractor offering natural pools in Tucson will work closely with you to help you build a pool that is a gorgeous addition to your yard. During the pool design process, you will have the opportunity to include outdoor water features that will make your natural pool really stand out. If you are considering building a new natural pool, here is a look at some secrets to incorporating water features into your design.

Use Recycled Materials

If you are seeking eco-friendly inspiration for your pool’s water features, you may want to consider incorporating recycled or repurposed materials into your design. For example, your pool contractor may be able to find a large planter to use as the base of an eye-catching waterfall or fountain.

Add Natural Elements

One of the keys to incorporating water features into your pool design is to use elements that are inspired by nature. For this reason, waterfalls are a great addition to many pool projects. Your waterfall can be constructed out of hardscaping materials so that it appears to be flowing directly from your garden.

Create Soothing Sounds

When you build a new natural pool, you will have the option of including water features that will add the soothing sounds of running water to your garden design. For example, spillways and fountains can be used to create sounds that are inspired by nature. With the sound of running water, your garden will be transformed into a relaxing oasis.
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