Native Landscaping Ideas for Your Outdoor Renovations

ThinkstockPhotos-185426426The Sonoran Desert offers a unique natural landscape with abundant plant and animal life adapted to the hot, dry climate. With so much beauty surrounding your home, it makes sense to include native elements in your planned landscape rather than opting for plants and features that are imported from other regions. Native landscaping also minimizes your home’s environmental impact and sustains regional wildlife, so it makes sense to use the following ideas for your landscape redesign.

Incorporate native plants
Many non-native plants that homeowners are drawn to are invasive species that can steal resources from native species and create an imbalance in the local ecosystem. While most people envision a landscape of thorny cacti when thinking about native plants in Southern Arizona, there are actually many choices when it comes to trees, vines, shrubs, and wildflowers. Working with a landscape professional will allow you to see the full array of your native plant choices.

Steer clear of grass
Grass is a fixture for lawns in many regions of the country, but it simply does not make sense in the desert. Planting grass in your yard can lead to extensive maintenance and staggering water bills, so you might select a more eco-friendly option like gravel, which pairs beautifully with natural stone walkways.

Implement a water harvesting system
While native plants will reduce how much water you need to use to sustain your landscape, you will still need an irrigation system to keep your plants healthy. With rainwater harvesting, you can recycle this precious resource and lower your water bills.

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