How to Ensure Your New Pool Matches Your Home’s Design

a great swimming pool
a great swimming pool

A brand new pool will provide you and your loved ones with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, even during the warmest days of summer. When you work with a contractor offering natural pools, you will have the opportunity to create a pool that blends seamlessly with your landscaping and hardscaping. Since your pool is an extension of your home, it is a great idea to incorporate outdoor water features and other elements that match with the architectural style of your home. Read on to learn more about matching your new pool to your home’s design.

Consider Pool Shape

The shape of your pool will have a dramatic effect on the design of your home. For example, if you have a modern home, you may want to install an l-shaped pool that has clean and contemporary lines. With a custom natural pool, you can also incorporate curves and shapes that match with the exterior of your home.

Choose Water Features

Along with creating a pool shape that blends seamlessly with the architecture of your home, you may also want to choose water features for your new pool. For example, waterfalls and fountains can be strategically placed to provide your pool with a natural look and feel.

Evaluate Pool Deck Materials

When you are planning a new pool design, it is also essential to evaluate all of the pool deck materials that are available to you. Pool decks can be constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from natural stone to poured concrete and more. Your pool contractor can provide you with more information about choosing the best pool deck to match your home.

If you have decided that a new pool installation is right for your home, you should be sure to contact Carl Ragel’s Natural Pools and Gardens. Our company specializes in building beautiful and natural outdoor water elements for our many residential clients throughout the Tucson area. To set up a consultation for your pool design, call us at (520) 323-2627.