Finding the Right Pool Safety System for Your Home

ThinkstockPhotos-514677675Any pool should have safety measures in place, but in homes with young children, safety systems are an absolute necessity to avoid accidents that can take place in and around the water. Children should only ever use the pool when they are fully supervised, so a safety system might be needed to ensure that kids are unable to get in the water when adults are not around. The right safety plan for your pool may include several components that work in conjunction with one another to ensure a fail-proof system.


Physical barriers such as gated walls or fences can keep children away from the pool and help to hinder unwanted intruders such as pets or local wildlife. These barriers can be decorative and functional, offering aesthetic appeal to your space. With any physical barrier, it is important to have self-closing, self-latching gates to control access to the water.

Alarm Systems

You can easily set up an alarm system that will alert you when a door or gate that accesses the pool has been opened. Alternatively, you might use floating alarms or wave alarms that sound when water is displaced. In either case, these alert systems will help you stay aware of when someone is in or near the pool, allowing you to effectively supervise the situation. With modern home automation systems, pool alarms can send alerts to your phone so that you can monitor the backyard even when you aren’t home.

Safety Covers

Safety covers for pools and spas are hard, retractable covers that can hold the weight of at least two adults and one child. These covers may be manual or motorized, and they are easy to operate for quick removal when needed. Safety covers can effectively restrict access to the water and help to keep debris out of the water when the pool is not in use.

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