Essential Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Gordon BeforePools are the perfect home addition for families, but there are some extra precautions that should be taken with pool design for homes with children. Parents not only need to worry about the safe design of a pool, but they also need to fill the role of lifeguard with constant supervision when their kids are in the water. Below you can get a closer look at the steps you’ll need to take to create a safe environment outdoors where your kids can have fun.

Keep the pool off-limits with perimeter fencing

Children should not have access to the pool when it is not time to swim, so you will want to have a perimeter fence or wall surrounding the water. Features such as a self-locking gate and pool alarm systems can provide added security by creating an alert system to warn you if your child is near the pool unattended.

Teach your children proper water safety

If your child has confidence in the water with strong swimming and pool safety skills, he or she will be able to act quickly when there is an unexpected situation. You should teach your child to stay away from pool drains and pipes to avoid becoming trapped under water.

Brush up on CPR and first aid

While prevention is the best strategy for pool safety, you should know the right responsive techniques for an emergency. CPR and first aid can be life-saving tools when used correctly, so you might take a class for CPR certification before your residential pool is installed.

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