Custom Pools and Spas in Tucson

Natural pool in Tucson
New pool with three-opening fireplace and raised spa.

There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than to slip into a refreshing pool or spa when taxed by the Arizona desert heat. Family and friends can swim in or sunbathe around custom pools in Tucson while life force regeneration can be obtained in peaceful custom spas. When these structures are custom designed to fit the natural surrounding landscape and layout of the home, they significantly increase the property’s value as well as its aesthetic beauty.

In order to achieve the perfect swimming spot that is both optimally beautiful and functional, you require an expert Tucson pool designer to ensure the job is done right. Carl Ragel of Natural Pools and Gardens is well known for his pool designs due to his ability to install custom pools Tucson in such a way that they naturally fit into specific surroundings.

Tucson custom spa
New pool with bounder water feature between pool and spa.

In the same way, the ideal spa needs to be laid out by a top Tucson spa designer in order to glean the most relaxation and comfort from the feature. Again, spas designed by Carl Ragel have become showpieces in homes across Tucson for the same reason his pools have… they provide a welcome and comfortable sense of belonging that are enhanced by the surrounding landscape of each individual property.

 Custom spas can be created to meet various styles such as traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or natural. Custom pools can contain such additional features as waterfalls, lagoons, streams, grottos and natural, artificial, or hybrid rock.

To fulfill your specific vision of an Arizona desert home oasis, contact expert Tucson pool designer and Tucson spa designer Carl Ragel at Natural Pools and Gardens for assistance with customization, design and construction or your perfect watery haven.

Tucson water feature
Stream between a raised spa and pool.