How to Ensure Your New Pool Matches Your Home’s Design

a great swimming pool
a great swimming pool

A brand new pool will provide you and your loved ones with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, even during the warmest days of summer. When you work with a contractor offering natural pools, you will have the opportunity to create a pool that blends seamlessly with your landscaping and hardscaping. Since your pool is an extension of your home, it is a great idea to incorporate outdoor water features and other elements that match with the architectural style of your home. Read on to learn more about matching your new pool to your home’s design.

Consider Pool Shape

The shape of your pool will have a dramatic effect on the design of your home. For example, if you have a modern home, you may want to install an l-shaped pool that has clean and contemporary lines. With a custom natural pool, you can also incorporate curves and shapes that match with the exterior of your home.

Choose Water Features

Along with creating a pool shape that blends seamlessly with the architecture of your home, you may also want to choose water features for your new pool. For example, waterfalls and fountains can be strategically placed to provide your pool with a natural look and feel.

Evaluate Pool Deck Materials

When you are planning a new pool design, it is also essential to evaluate all of the pool deck materials that are available to you. Pool decks can be constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from natural stone to poured concrete and more. Your pool contractor can provide you with more information about choosing the best pool deck to match your home.

If you have decided that a new pool installation is right for your home, you should be sure to contact Carl Ragel’s Natural Pools and Gardens. Our company specializes in building beautiful and natural outdoor water elements for our many residential clients throughout the Tucson area. To set up a consultation for your pool design, call us at (520) 323-2627.

Secrets to Incorporating Water Features into Your Pool’s Design

1140x600-sliderWhen the Tucson sun is at its peak, nothing can help you and your family beat the heat quite like a natural pool. A contractor offering natural pools in Tucson will work closely with you to help you build a pool that is a gorgeous addition to your yard. During the pool design process, you will have the opportunity to include outdoor water features that will make your natural pool really stand out. If you are considering building a new natural pool, here is a look at some secrets to incorporating water features into your design.

Use Recycled Materials

If you are seeking eco-friendly inspiration for your pool’s water features, you may want to consider incorporating recycled or repurposed materials into your design. For example, your pool contractor may be able to find a large planter to use as the base of an eye-catching waterfall or fountain.

Add Natural Elements

One of the keys to incorporating water features into your pool design is to use elements that are inspired by nature. For this reason, waterfalls are a great addition to many pool projects. Your waterfall can be constructed out of hardscaping materials so that it appears to be flowing directly from your garden.

Create Soothing Sounds

When you build a new natural pool, you will have the option of including water features that will add the soothing sounds of running water to your garden design. For example, spillways and fountains can be used to create sounds that are inspired by nature. With the sound of running water, your garden will be transformed into a relaxing oasis.
At Carl Ragel’s Natural Pools and Gardens, we are pleased to provide our customers throughout the Tucson area with top quality natural pool design services. When you work with our contractors to build a natural pool in your home, we will help you incorporate outdoor water features into your custom water garden. Call us at (520) 323-2627 to learn more about the natural pool design and construction services that we have to offer you.

What Makes a Swimming Pool “Modern?”

Lighting, sleek lines and proper materials are essential.
Lighting, sleek lines and proper materials are essential.

Americans have enjoyed backyard swimming pools for decades. However, pools were once simple and impersonal basins that did little to boost aesthetics or curb appeal. Today’s modern pool designs allow you to create the sleek, contemporary look you want for your pool and your outdoor living space.

Sleek Lines

Modern and contemporary styles are defined by their sleek, simplistic lines. Today’s contemporary pools often incorporate square or rectangular basins that drop straight down to the bottom of the pool, creating the illusion of a perfectly geometrical space, even if the pool includes a sloped floor. The edges of these pools are often sharp rather than rounded, with little or no coping to outline the pool’s edges.

Wood and Stone

One of the most popular trends seen in modern pool design is the use of wood and stone elements in their construction. Pool decks are often made of polished concrete or wood, turning this outdoor feature into a beautiful addition that seems to flow directly from your indoor living space. Stone tiles and smooth, polished boulders are also popular design elements that add a touch of natural beauty to any modern pool design.

Proper Lighting

Pool lighting plays a significant role in the final look and feel of this outdoor feature. Modern pools often include extensive lighting systems to highlight the basin’s clean lines after dark for both safety and aesthetics. LED lighting can supply bright illumination without the need for obtrusive lighting fixtures; waterfalls and other water features are often backlit as well to ensure they stand out against the background lighting for added beauty at night.

Are you ready to enjoy a sleek modern pool that will complement your Tucson home and add valuable curb appeal? You can reach Carl Ragel’s Natural Pools and Gardens by calling (520) 323-2627 for more information about our natural and modern swimming pool design and installation services. We also invite you to stop by our website to learn more about us and our unique specialty landscaping and outdoor design services.

Fun Ideas for Unforgettable Backyard Parties

Friends Toasting Wine Glass
The key to a great party is a great backyard!

Summer is the perfect time to host an unforgettable outdoor party at your Tucson home. Whether you’re having a small get-together or hosting a bash for the entire neighborhood, there are several ways to ensure every guest leaves with a smile on his face. Keep reading for a few simple ideas you can use to turn your outdoor living space into the ideal setting for your next party.

Pre-Mixed Cocktails

If you’d rather enjoy your outdoor party than spend time as a bartender, there is a simple solution—buy or make pre-mixed cocktails for a self-serve experience. Some of the most popular summertime cocktails are cool, refreshing drinks such as sangria, fruit refreshers, and blended drinks; make sure to include plenty of ice and set out plentiful cups, straws, and napkins so your guests will be satisfied without requiring you to constantly check on the state of your refreshments.

Ice Berries

Whether you’re serving cocktails or spring water, ice berries are a refreshing and appealing treat that every partygoer can enjoy. Simply freeze strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or any other type of small berry prior to your party, then set them out in a cooler with ice to allow guests to fix up their own drinks with a little something sweet.

String Lights and Lanterns

One of the best ways to dress up even a simple outdoor party is to illuminate the night with string lights or lanterns. Outdoor lights are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to completely customize the look of your party. You can use these versatile lights to line your pool or your pergola, creating safe walking paths and steady illumination so your party can continue in comfort long after the sun goes down.

At Carl Ragel’s Natural Pools and Gardens, we specialize in creating the perfect outdoor space for gatherings, relaxation and more. We can help you design your ideal pool, fountain, or garden for years of outdoor enjoyment in Tucson. Please call (520) 323-2627 or reach out to us online to learn more about our exterior living services.

Three Upkeep Secrets That Can Help Your New Pool Last a Lifetime

ThinkstockPhotos-152143109Like any other part of the home, your pool needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape and minimize costly repairs. Whether you have a natural pool or a more traditional pool design, there are a few steps that can help you keep the water sparkling as you extend the life of the pool structure. Keep reading for a closer look at the key aspects of pool maintenance that will help you get the most out of the water.

Test your pool water

You can easily test the chemical balance of your pool water with a kit that lets you see total pH levels, alkalinity, salt, and calcium levels. You should test the water several times a week during peak swimming season, but you may not need to test it as often in the winter when you are getting in as often. If levels are off, you may need to add certain chemicals to shock the water and wait 24 hours before using the pool.

Keep water free of debris

Leaves, dirt, and other types of debris can not only reduce the quality of your swimming experience, but they can clog the pool filter without regular cleaning. Skimming the surface of the water, using a pool vacuum, and regularly cleaning the filter will keep the water clear, even on windy Tucson days.

Cover the pool in the winter

When you aren’t regularly using your pool, the right cover can minimize the need for chemical maintenance and keep debris out of the water. Plus, a cover will keep the water warmer so that you do not have to spend a fortune to heat the pool when the weather is cooler.

If you are considering adding a pool to your Tucson property or renovating an existing pool, Carl Ragel’s Natural Pools & Gardens can help you create an innovative design that fits the aesthetic of your home. To begin planning your pool construction or renovation, call us at (520) 323-2627.