Skyline Bel Air – Pool Renovation and Spa Addition!

A rectilinear pool from the 1970’s was transformed into a more usable center of this outdoor living space converting a second set of steps into a spa with customized seating. The stained cooldeck was removed and replaced with a coping of round-edged lump block caps for both safety and harmony with the adobe and rose brick that trimmed the remainder of the yard and existing patio spaces.

The Backstory

  • Add Spa within pool’s footprint
  • Floor deepened
  • Slump Block Coping
  • Drainage issues resolved

This outdoor living space was a gardener’s paradise. Blooming plants abounded – both staining the cooldeck and making drainage inefficient. The area off the porch was a burnt adobe patio surface, a material that capped the patio wall as well. Rose brick sections added to the patio surface, but the yard did not drain well at all.

The play pool had an interesting step configuration – two sets on one side – one that was almost never used. It was converted to a spa with customized seating and jet placement as well as being deepened to accommodate the 42 inch water depth of most spas. Keeping the spa within the pool’s footprint meant getting more fun out of a fairly tight yard, and still being to swim laps, if desired. The pool and spa were both refinished in Caribbean Blue Pebble Tec.

Using slump block with a manually rounded edge for safety responded well with the existing earthtone patio and wall cap. The narrow cooldeck band opposite the spa was not replaced, except for the width of the coping.